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Sunday morning in fuzzy socks

February 21, 2011

Sunday mornings used to be my least favorite time of the week as a kid. We had to go to church, dressed in our bows and white tights, and pretend to enjoy the company seated around us. These days, I can dictate what happens between the hours of 9am and noon: Usually a ton of laziness followed by some sort of breakfast festivities. Many times, I have to work around 4pm on Sundays, so I try to spend as much time as possible with my boyfriend. We suffer from a common dilema: Different schedules. He has the traditional 9 to 5 while I have the untraditional, 4 to midnight. I’d be completely lying if I said this didn’t interrupt our relationship; while most couples are canoodling over dinner, I’m usually serving them! But these were the cards we were dealt, so we play our hand.

It's a warm, happy buzz

I’ve been trying new recipes for brunch as simple scrambled eggs gets boring and Nick isn’t interested in pancakes. When we go out for brunch, I usually end up getting some form of eggs benedict because I can’t save myself from a running yoke and hollandaise! We’ve been experimenting with shiitake mushrooms, guere cheese and Frank’s Redhot. Well, that last ingredient usually just hits Nick’s plate as I can’t stand to cover flavors with spicy red nonsense! What never changes is our love of PG morning cocktails. When Saturday rolls around, I make sure to grab up a bottle of Prosecco and some oddity that Nick can add to his Bloody Mary. This week’s addition was a sweet pepper stuffed olive with a fresh green bean. Since I usually get out of work on Fridays and Saturdays loooooooong after Nick and the boys have been boozin’ it up, I enjoy Sundays as being our day to enjoy a libation together and at the same pace. This may sound ridiculous but just try getting out of work at 1am on a Friday night and attempting to get up to speed with a group of people who have been consuming since 7pm. It’s not healthy, I don’t even try! 

Best jammies EVER

Sundays start off a little late since we usually don’t have early afternoon plans. I don’t bother to change out of my “Christmas Jammies”, which are quickly just becoming my routine bedwear. Nick bought me techni-colored socks for Christmas and I typically remain in those fuzzy things till I have to get ready for work. To be honest, I forgot I was wearing them and I rolled into work with pink socks on yesterday! Dumb. Oh well. Nick is usually in charge of the coffee and picking a music station on Pandora. We’ve made a playlist called Rich Girl Radio which is filled with MoTown jams. I’ve taken a liking to exploring online recipes and creating new brunch meals. I made the mistake of trying to make a bacon cassorole last week and while this seemed to have some potentinal, I missed the step of CUTTING the bacon into bite-sized pieces. The end result featured snake-like under cooked bacon that made us both feel sick and we threw most of it away. Epic Fail. However, this Sunday’s rendition of brunch included shiitake mushrooms sauteed in bacon fat with a sunny side up egg cooked on top. Well, it was supposed to be sunny side up. I broke both yokes in the flipping process regardless of the forgiving bacon fat. Damn.

Nevertheless, we had crispy REAL bacon, two eggs apiece with sauteed shiitakes, and 100 calorie english muffins with a cup of vanilla flavored coffee, sparkling water from our bubbler device and of course, breakfast libations. I love Sundays like this: MoTown in the background, no place to be for a moment and a delicious breakfast. While we don’t have regular evenings together, Nick and I enjoy each other’s company each Sunday morning. It’s something I look forward to each week and you know what? It’s taken a day that I dreaded as a child and turned it into a mini holiday.